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Library Committee

Library Committee

Library Committee

The library committee has been constituted to look after the welfare, book selection of the school Library. The committee will be also look into the upkeep, quality and quantum of books available in the library and their proper issue and return to the faculty members and students.

The will also give suggestion from time to time to the Improve overall infrastructure, ambience and discipline in the library.

Moreover, the categorization of books will be monitored so as to ensure availability of age appropriate material for the students of various classes. The committee consists of the following members.


Library Committee Members

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Sr. No. Name Members
1. Mr. Ashok Principal
2. Ms. Kusum Lata Convener
3. Mandeep (Student) Representative /Member
4. Charit Aggarwal (Student) Representative /Member
5. Khushbu (Student) Representative /Member
6. Krish (Students) Representative /Member
7. Garima (Student) Representative /Member
8. Prachi Deshwal (Student) Representative /Member
9. Dolly Representative /Member