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Established in 1999, with the noble aim of providing education to the youth of India, The JEEVAN JYOTI Sr. Sec. School is an Organisation founded and promoted by the noted Educationist Adv.. Virender Kumar The Founder & Managing Director. He is such a great Educationist having a passion for education into his profession. Jeevan Jyoti Sr. Sec. School is the result of intensive research and dialogue with Parents, Students and Institutional heads from various parts of the city. The aim behind establishing this Organization has always been to provide a holistic education that enables growth, optimism, hard work and an all round development with a better understanding of the cultural, moral and social contexts of one’s lives.

There is no denial for the need of quality education in India. Only a literate, critically thinking young population will be able to ensure a balanced and sustainable growth in the country & Schools are the primary platform for delivering this.

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To achieve excellence, Jeevan Jyoti Sr. Sec. School offers stimulating environment, set opportunities to broaden horizons and facilitate building of knowledge and skills, in an effortless manner for children and teacher, thereby creating a learning institution. To ensure effortless and meaningful learning, Jeevan Jyoti Sr. Sec. School R & D Centre incorporates global strategies, innovative and pedagogical practices and make the education system measurable.


We are a forward thinking school that believes that within each child lies an inherent potential that needs nurturing in a harmonious way. Instilling a habit of learning to learn is the cornerstone of the education we offer. We prepare our children and teachers for a rapidly changing world by equipping them with critical thinking skills, a global perspective and respect for core values.

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Why Should Choose JEEVAN JYOTI?

Jeevan Jyoti provides an academic environment, discipline & Moral Values which treats each child as a unique individual and develops him/her to the maximum potential.

The learning experience is through a practical approach to the theoretical inputs in today's dynamic global scenario

Learning is an important resource for the child's social behavior and personality. It equips a child to take on the world with confidence and blaze a trail through life, independently.